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About the Software

‘AKS Tournament Golf’ is a Windows software product designed to help in the management of golf tournaments. It was created to benefit the golf professional holding club tournaments as well as the player in charge of his or her golf group outings or leagues. It saves hours in pre-tournament organization with pairing, scorecard, cart sign and scoreboard generation. It also can manage multiple events per tournament that would be virtually impossible to calculate and result by hand. You’ll be able to offer more games for your participants creating more fun for them and more income for you.
For example, you might have a 6 round tournament with 28 players that includes….

      • Daily twosome best ball event with different partners each day
      • Daily individual net and gross events
      • 6 round cumulative twosome best ball event
      • 6 round cumulative individual net and gross events
      • Gross, net or 50% net skins per round
      • 6 round 14 players per side Quota format event
      • Let’s throw in a Nassau between all 28 players with 2 down auto-presses.


Try figuring all this out by hand. With ‘AKS Tournament Golf’ simply enter each participant’s gross hole by hole scores and all event results are calculated.

This briefly describes some of the power of ‘AKS Tournament Golf’. Click the Features tab for more information. Also check out the Screenshot and Sample Report links. You will find ‘AKS Tournament Golf’ extremely easy to use.

Download today for 30 days of free use. You will be up and running your first tournament in minutes. After your trial period, we offer options of payment per month, per quarter or per year. Annual use of our software comes with unlimited support @ 435-881-2950. We are currently offering discounted pricing on your first year so download today and see why everyone is talking about ‘AKS Tournament Golf’.


Download to windows based computers.

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Mike Langstraat
PGA Head Golf Professional
Falcon Lakes Golf Club

I have been an AKS Tournament Software user since 2001. In today’s world you have to be as efficient as possible. This software allows me to print all essential documents needed to host a first class, well run tournament with a minimum amount of time invested. During the season I use this program 3-5 times weekly.

The scoring formats are endless. You have the ability to calculate gross or net skins within minutes of an event completing play.

The customer service received is always first class. If you have a question, problem or concern it is always handled in a professional manner.

This company is a pleasure to deal with. I could not imagine running a tournament without their software.

John Markley
PGA Golf Professional
The Skenandoa Club
Clinton, NY

I am the Golf Professional at a 360 member private course and we use AKS Tournament Golf all season long to manage our tournament play. Compared to other tournament programs I’ve tried, I find this software much easier to use which saves our staff valuable time. It allows the user to set up many tournament formats (multi-round), make the pairings, produce cart signs and score sheets, score the tournament, and print the results, all at a push of a button. We literally can announce results 5 seconds after the last score is posted. AKS Tournament Golf is just flat-out a great, "user friendly" program. Anyone in our shop can navigate this software with ease.

Judy Kastrop
Billings, MT

AK Systems product for running a golf tournament is with out a doubt a "total" package. It covers all aspects of tournament golf for any size of field. I have used the product for a number of years with great success. The major charity fundraiser tournament I run on it draws about 150 players, with numerous games within the tournament. A K Systems has it covered. Our tournament has hosted many national and local celebrities through the years who are always impressed with the efficient results and professional looking scorecards.

I am excited about the updated version. I know it can be trusted. Hats off to AK Systems.


Unlimited Players and Courses
There is no limit to the number of players per tournament, nor to the number of configurable courses/tee boxes.

Formats and Flights
All popular 1-5 player team formats are available and can vary per round or per hole. Competition between teams greater than 5 players is accomplished by competing flights. A tournament can be divided into a maximum 16 flights.

Scrolling Electronic Scoreboard
A second screen, often a smart TV screen, can scroll results of any and all events of a tournament including skins and combined event money winners.

Results Calculated Across All Events
Individual player winnings can be added across all events including skins, so final payout per player is easily determined.

Match play results
Match-play Nassau results with optional auto-press is available across all events between any and all teams or players.

Optional Events
Any tournament event is optional per player, so for instance, those not interested in the individual gross event or the gross skins event can be excluded.

Complete List of Features