AKS Tournament Golf
The Ultimate Tournament Management Software

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  • Unlimited players per tournament.
  • 1-5 players per team.
  • 16 flights available (events with teams larger than 5 players are handled using flights as teams).
  • All common 1-5 player team formats.
  • Formats variable per round or even per hole if so desired.
  • 1-11 events per tournament.
  • Skins (individual net, Individual 50% net, individual gross & team).
  • Skins can span different tees or calculate per tee box.
  • Handicaps (50%, 60%, etc. to FULL calculated from index)
  • USGA and EGA options for Course Handicap from Index formula.
  • Optional handicap adjustment for events using multiple tee boxes with different course ratings.
  • 1-6 rounds per event.
  • 1-4 tees (courses) per round.
  • Team Draws (blind, AB.. random, AB.. snaked).
  • Round Robin Pairings (6, 8 or 10 teams per group).
  • League pairings and season long resulting of multiple match or medal play formats.


  • By hole
  • By 9 or 18 hole totals
  • All events resulted w/ entry of individual gross scores

Tee Box

  • Scoreboards
  • Cart signs
  • Score cards w/ strokes
  • Custom shotgun groups (1-18, ABCX) X=skip
  • 1-4 start times and/or start holes. Start time gaps can vary.
  • Tee time order by
    • Handicap
    • Name
    • Previous round tee time
    • Previous round standing
    • All of the above within flights
    • Custom
  • Field Cut by place or score


  • One-way pay between any 2 events
  • Match play w/ auto-press option between any and all event teams or players.
  • Individual winnings totaled for all events of a tournament
  • Season long League resulting of multiple match or medal play formats.
  • Printed result reports
  • PDF result reports
  • Gift Certificates
  • Electronic scrolling scoreboard


  • Database of members
  • 24 round seasonal leagues
  • Tournament and league handicaps maintained

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